What is i-THRIVE? 

Everyone has a different story 

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i-THRIVE is an approach that ensures that young people get the emotional wellbeing and mental health support they need when facing difficult situations. The goal is for every young person in Kent to thrive, but if they do need extra help, they know where to go to find the right support. Young people will be supported to get the help they need.  

Whether they need risk support or advice, the approach emphasises flexibility and a tailored approach to support young people in getting the help they need to thrive.

The animation below was produced to support THRIVE, the national model for system change which has informed the Kent i-Thrive model.

VCSE Sector Competency Framework

A competency framework has been developed for the VCSE Sector and has been aligned with the THRIVE framework for system change. As i-THRIVE is developed and implemented in Kent, all settings may benefit from viewing this document; to consider their own skills, knowledge, attributes and abilities to deliver effective performance when supporting young people.