What is Thriving? 

Young people who are thriving understand the who, what, why, when and how of their everyday needs. They are able to make good decisions for themselves, like eating healthy and staying active. They also have people who support and care for them, and who they can talk to if they need help. This helps them feel good about themselves and their life, and makes them happy.

When young people were asked what thriving meant to them, they said: 

  • ‘You’re able to do it on your own.’ 
  • ‘It’s being independent and a better version of yourself.’ 
  • ‘Thriving is when you are doing well, even when facing tough challenges. 
  • ‘It’s not just coasting; it’s being the best you can be.’ 
  • ‘It’s being able to cope with life hurdles, but not being opposed to receiving support.’ 
  • ‘Thriving is not just getting by – it’s being happy and being able to pick yourself up when you’re down without help.’ 
  • ‘It’s self-flourishing and having some sense of direction in life.’ 
  • ‘Thriving is doing well on your own while knowing you have people there to support you.’