Seeking advice

When seeking  advice young people can take three routes.   

  • Seek advice from a trusted adult. (Trusted adults might be teachers, lunchtime staff, receptionists, youth workers or adult volunteers) 
  • Seek advice from friends and family. 
  • Search for advice online from a trusted source. (Trusted sources include both national and local organisations i.e., Young Minds, Childline, MoodSpark) 

If young people need help or support, they can talk to someone they trust. These adults will listen to them and help them find helpful resources, like websites and text chats. It’s important to know where to find good advice when you need it. Seeking advice is good for staying happy and healthy, and can be done anytime to help you stay on track and keep thriving!

Many of the services and organisations that support young people in Kent work across the i-THRIVE framework. Here you can find a full list of services available to young people and if you are not sure where to start visit our Get Help Now page.