Supporting your child

As a parent or carer there will be many times during your child’s life when you will observe your child’s resilience being tested. This could be friendship difficulties, managing change, or dealing with loss.

You may find yourself looking for tips and ideas to support your child to feel better. There are a number of ways to help your child become more resilient, including how to better manage the ups and downs that life can bring.

The first step to begin making a difference to your child is to understand what resilience is and how you and your child can improve and maintain it.

There are 6 areas of a young person’s life that fit together to help them become more resilient and these areas make them more or less able to bounce back when they have a tough time.

This area of the website is designed to help you learn about these areas, provide you with tools and information so you can nurture resilience and be supportive when your child is finding life difficult. We have also brought together information from other places that you may find useful.

The Get Help Now section provides clear information on what support is available in Kent, who it is for and how to access it.