Targeted Support and Appropriate Referral

There are many support options, across a wide range of services, available to children, young people and families.

Most children and young people have a number of basic needs that are well supported through a range of universal services. These services include schools, early years education and childcare, health, housing, youth services, leisure facilities and services provided by voluntary organisations.

To find out more about the different levels of support available and when it would be appropriate to make referrals for a child, young person or family that you are worried about follow the links below to the Kent Safeguarding Children Multi Agency Partnership Website;

Universal Support – Level 1

Universal services are provided to or are routinely available to all children and families. Read about Universal Support – Level 1

Additional Support – Level 2

Children and families with additional needs who require extra help to improve outcomes. Read about Additional Support – Level 2

Intensive Support – Level 3

Intensive support can be offered to children and families where they have complex or multiple needs requiring local authority services to work together with universal services. Read about Intensive Support – Level 3

Specialist Support – Level 4

Children who are considered to have been harmed or are likely to suffer significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect. Read about Specialist Support-  Level 4

Further information

You will also find lots of information about different services and opportunities for Level 1 and 2 support  via the Kent Resilience Hubs, Services for Young People area.

For children and young people who are or have been in care, the Virtual School Kent (VSK) have a portal for professionals to access information, advice and guidance.

If you feel there is a safeguarding need or immediate need for a child, young person or family please visit the Get Help Now page for how to access help and support.