Peer mentoring

A group of young people laying on their backs in a circle with all their heads facing towards the centre of the circle, cupping their mouths with their hands and shoutingPeer mentoring is a great way to empower the young people you work with to support others in schools or the community.

Peer mentoring can support children and young people by:

  • enhancing social competence
  • building security within the setting and the wider community by realising their worth as social beings
  • improving attendance and educational attainment whilst developing friendship skills in a positive environment.

Peer mentoring toolkit

The peer mentoring toolkit is designed so that staff can deliver the training in a flexible way to suit the needs of the group. This practical resource covers:

  • Management and Operation
  • Service Users (Mentees)
  • Mentors
  • The mentoring relationship

Within the tool kit there is guidance on how to set up and run peer mentoring to suit the needs of the young people in your setting.