Wellbeing Toolkit for Parents and Carers webinar series

HeadStart Kent are pleased to offer you free access to The Education People’s Wellbeing Toolkit for Parents and Carers webinar series for some of the more vulnerable families you or your colleagues may be working with.

The Wellbeing Toolkit is a series of four webinars delivered by two experts in the field of wellbeing and anxiety at The Education People. It is designed to offer more practical help and guidance to parents/carers for supporting children with issues such as anxiety, autism, and their general wellbeing.

The aims of the webinars are to provide both parents/carers and their children with guidance and support on how they can improve their self-esteem, confidence, and reduce anxiety. There is also a specific webinar that focuses on how to support children with autism around their possible increased levels of anxiety. Parents and carers will receive practical strategies and solutions to the issues that they may currently be experiencing, suitable for children and young people of all ages. A more detailed breakdown of the content can be found here.

Please find a poster attached advertising the Toolkit for your information and to share with your contacts, who also work with vulnerable parents/cares. As you will see, there would usually be a charge of £20+VAT for the series but HeadStart Kent has purchased this on behalf of families who may be interested but are not in the position to finance this themselves. For parents/carers to claim free access they should enter the voucher code headstart21 into the voucher code box in the checkout after clicking ‘buy now’ at this link: https://www.theeducationpeople.org/products/204781

These videos come following the positive response from The Education People’s free webinar ‘Helping Parents and Carers to Support Children’s Emotional Wellbeing in Times of Uncertainty,’ which can be found on this webpage, if you are yet to see it.

Wellbeing Toolkit for Parents and Carers poster

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