Tips for getting cosy at home

Warm and cosy blankets and throws

Try keeping them on hand for some serious relaxing on a sofa or chair. Keep some in the bedrooms too.  Or maybe just take your duvets to the sofa and get comfy. You could also help the kids build a blanket fort.

Soft and twinkling lighting

Winter is a perfect time to dim the lighting at home, lots of twinkly fairy lights, lamps and of course good old daylight.  Try warm white bulbs or maybe retro-coloured lights, whatever you choose it adds the cosy feeling. 

Grab a book or audio book

Take some time to explore a good book, you can also let the kids read to you or how about listening to spoken stories online together, you can find these on in lots of different places.  Picture the scene, comfy on the sofa enjoying a story together…lovely.  

Teacups and Mugs for Comforting drinks

Get cosy and enjoy hot chocolate or a warming drink in your favourite mug, and of course you can add some cookies.  

Warm clothing 

Whether you are inside or out, feeling warm and cosy can really lift your mood.  Try keeping some jumpers and cosy socks near by for whoever needs them. And layer up when you go outside.

Bring the outside in

Nature isn’t just nice to look at there are physical and emotional wellbeing benefits by being near nature, so why not try having some plants around your home.  They help clean the air, are pretty and can give a sense of well being.  

Music and films

Play music that makes you feel good, either relaxing tunes or something that gets you all up singing and dancing.  If you are into your films make time to watch some classic films and family favorites.  

The simple things

Take some time to work out the things that make you feel calm and happy, could be a walk, or hobby or reading…if you can, try and make time in your every day life. 

Get better sleep

Can you use the colder months while you’re inside more to look at yours and your family’s bedtime routines. Is there anything you can add to your routine to help you wind down and be ready for sleep?  Here are a few things you could explore…Can you move the bed and furniture around in the bedrooms to make the room more relaxing? Is there a favourite story for bedtime? Try having a warm drink a bit before bedtime and water before bed. Try allowing screen free wind down time for everyone if possible.  Can you go to bed earlier?