PSHE Association: Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing lesson plans

PSHE Association lesson plans cover the key aspects of mental health across all key stages. Including these in your PSHE Curriculum will give young people a broad and knowledgeable base about mental health.

Lessons in key stage 1 and 2 include teaching about:

  • Identifying and talking about feelings
  • Understanding how feelings affect behaviours
  • Strategies to manage feelings
  • The link between mental and physical health
  • Managing the transition to secondary school / key stage 3

Lessons in key stage 3 and 4 include teaching about:

  • Challenging stigma related to mental health
  • Promoting emotional wellbeing and healthy coping strategies
  • Developing ‘digital resilience’ in the context of online pressures
  • Reframing negative thinking
  • Awareness of unhealthy coping strategies such as self-harm and eating disorders
  • Awareness of common mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression