Kent Resilience Hub & MoodSpark Website Evaluation Report

There is an awareness of both websites, but this has mainly been achieved through promotion by the HeadStart Kent (HSK) team.  The resilience webinar for parent’s page on the Kent Resilience Hub and the Draw Your Own Solution page on Moodspark dominate the number of views for each website, both of which were promoted through paid advertising.

Once people have been made aware of what is on the websites, they are impressed with the volume and range of resources available.  They also think the websites are easy to use and the like their appearance.  There is a low proportion of returning users, however those that do return view more pages and spend longer looking at the websites during their session.

Some development is needed around the design of the Kent Resilience Hub to improve user experience when navigating the website and content needs to be kept up to date on both websites to ensure it remains relevant.  The area that needs most work is around promotion of the websites, so more people are aware of the tools, support, and resources available.  It was suggested that this should be done in a targeted way to the different website audiences.

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Kent Resilience Hub & MoodSpark Website Evaluation Report

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