Youth Ngage: Fun 4 Wellbeing

Youth Ngage Fun 4 Wellbeing Project

The project was 10 weeks of healthy cooking sessions for BAME youth and young people in Gravesham. Activities included;table with prepared food

  • recipes and cooking methods
  • healthy pastries and the benefits
  • healthy pack lunches
  • making your own snacks
  • income generation ideas through cooking
  • the benefits of eating well



table with prepared food on it



Participants learnt valuable cooking styles and skills; they learnt about importance of eating healthy and how to cook healthy meals. Every week everyone was well fed with healthy meals and most times asked for and got to have takeaways to!





What was good about the project?

We enjoyed cooking sessions by a professional chef every week!

The project was very entertaining, educating, and creative; everyone developed valuable skills, made new friends, developed their confidence, look happier and feel good – all wish that we continue the project.



Participants bonded and learnt how to work together as a team and achieved good results….we noticed continuous attendance of participants, except only when the weather was not good enough or they had assessment at school the next day; which showed us that they really enjoyed themselvesGroup of young people cooking