About Kent Resilience Hub

Here at the Kent Resilience Hub we have created a resource that helps parents and carers, staff and practitioners to understand emotional wellbeing and resilience, and where to go for support, advice and training for themselves and when supporting young people.

In 2023, the Kent Resilience Hub became the home of i-THRIVE. i-THRIVE in Kent is a set of principles for mental health and wellbeing support for children, young people and families.

i-THRIVE involves thinking about the mental health and wellbeing needs of children, young people and families through five different needs based groupings: Seeking advice, Getting help, Getting further support, and Getting risk support. It is needs-led which means that mental health needs are defined by the children, young people and their families, alongside professionals, through shared decision making.

Emphasis is placed on the prevention and promotion of mental health and wellbeing across the whole population. Children, young people and their families are empowered through active involvement in decisions about their care, which is fundamental to the approach.

i-THRIVE is for:

  • all children and young people aged 0–25 within a specified locality;
  • all families and carers of children and young people aged 0–25 within a specified locality,
  • any professionals who seek to promote mental health awareness and help or support children and young people with mental health and wellbeing needs, including those at risk of mental health difficulties (whether staff in educational settings, social care, voluntary or health sectors or others).

Here you can learn about the National THRIVE framework.

The Kent Resilience Hub along with MoodSpark is the legacy of HeadStart Kent and will continue to provide resources, as well as information about opportunities for young people, and services available to them to ensure that young people in Kent are able to Thrive at school, home, or in the community.

This website is now overseen by Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT).