Running a vlogging workshop

‘Vlogging’ is blogging through the medium of video. Vloggers record videos usually discussing a particular theme or interest and upload the content to the internet, often on YouTube. As vlogging has become more popular, young people are seeing vlogging as a safe outlet to express themselves, engage with others and learn more about the world around them. Increasingly, young people look up to other vloggers for advice, guidance and inspiration.

Through co-production, the young people involved in HeadStart said they wanted to learn more about vlogging and the skills required to plan and film their own vlogs. As such in collaboration with Student Health Guide, we hosted a vlogging workshop for young people and used their feedback to create this toolkit. Using this toolkit will allow you to easily replicate the workshop in your own setting.

Find out more about the workshop

Take a look at this short film to find out more. Consider using this resource in your own setting with young people.

What you will need to run your own workshop