Developing The Kent Youth Charter

To develop The Youth Charter, a list of statements were produced by a group of Virtual School Kent apprentices.

These statements were then ranked in importance by young people; 29 groups of young people were involved in the initial consultation, including a range of schools, youth hubs and community organisations.

The young people were asked 4 key questions:

  • What behaviours are needed for successful participation and which are the most important?
  • What do the behaviours mean to you and how will you know they are happening?
  • What should The Youth Charter be called?
  • What are the best ways for practitioners to engage with you?

A workshop was held in February 2020 with young people from Kent Youth County Council, SpeakOut @ HeadStart Kent and the Children in Care Council.

Using the results of the initial consultation, the young people worked together to write and agree the six principles of The Youth Charter.