What is the Resilience Toolkit?

The toolkit helps you to assess your school and communities emotional and wellbeing needs, consolidate any activity that you already implement that contributes to building resilience and responding to emotional health needs and produce a comprehensive plan of action that addresses the principles of Whole School Approach.

Each stage has specifically designed resources that relate to the toolkit including activities to use with your Resilience Team, templates for recording, guidance documents and case studies from schools who have already completed the toolkit. There is also a resource library full of helpful templates, tools and other related content that will assist you.

How it works


Register your intention to use the Resilience Toolkit to ensure you are offered additional support and updates on the latest resources to assist you on your journey.

Bring together your Resilience Team

Use the tools and guidance provided in the online toolkit to assess your current approach to resilience and emotional wellbeing in your school community.


Plan what you need to do over the coming months to make sure your school is covering the 8 principles of the whole school approach. Don’t forget to include what you are already doing well.

Reflect and Record Impact

Go through your planned activity line by line, make sure you can evidence that you have implemented each action and can demonstrate or measure the impact.


Fill out the self assessment tool and apply for the School Award for Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing to recognise your achievement and celebrate your hard work.