Community Resilience Toolkit

Welcome to the Community Toolkit for Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing. Here community organisations will find the resources they need to assess their current approach to resilience and wellbeing, celebrate existing good practice, and put key actions in place to develop their whole setting approach even further.

An illustration of an open top double-decker bus with COMMUNITY written on the side with people on the top of the bus cheeringAt the end of the process, community organisations can apply for the Kent Community Award for Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing, to recognise their hard work in developing their approach to resilience and wellbeing.


Community Toolkit video

To view a step-by-step guide to the Community Toolkit, take a look at this short video (open in Chrome).


Get started

Download the Community Toolkit Guidance Document and the Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing Record document to get started:

Community Resilience Toolkit Key Documents