Mindfulness training for staff affected by Covid-19

Working With The Mind are offering an 8-week guided practice course for mindful well-being, that staff can access from their preferred device online. It’s built on the UK clinical standard for mindfulness use, and uses mixed media learning (through videos, guided audios and written material). Access is rolling (no set start dates, so participants can begin as best fits them) and planned to open in January 2021.

As part of the course participants have the option to access an online community hub app, where other course participants can interact and discuss course content, ask questions, access further information and materials, as well as contacting a programme facilitator for further support if desired.

Course overview:

Week 1 – Mindful Principles

Week 2 – Breathing Practices

Week 3 – Body Scan Practices

Week 4 – Movement Practices

Week 5 – Mindfulness of Thought

Week 6 – Mindfulness of Difficulty

Week 7 – Kindness & Compassion

Week 8 – Gratitude, and bringing it all together

Contact Mat on 07383 651751 or [email protected] to enquire and book your place.