What is Resilience?

Resilience is a word that has been used a lot in recent times and there are many definitions.

The National Lottery Fund describe resilience as;

“the opportunity for and capacity of young people – in the context of adversity – to negotiate and navigate their own way to resources that sustain their mental health.”

In focus groups with young people, they described resilience as;

“the ability to cope through difficult circumstances, to bounce back from the problems faced in life.”

According to the Daniel and Wassell model of Resilience (2002), there are six fundamental areas to building resilience:

  • good health
  • friendship
  • investing in talents and interets
  • understanding and having control over your emotions and behaviours
  • access to a good education
  • security

The Draw Your Own Solution campaign focuses on the top four areas.

Why is resilience important for your child?

Building resilience a young person will enable your child to overcome difficulties in their life, whether this is in the near or distant future such as; ill health of family members, throughout relationships, education or during their career.

How can you support your child?

As a parent or carer of a young person, you are extremely influential to their resilience journey. Whilst you cannot control many problems a young person may face in their lives, you can be there to support them to become more resilient in the long run.

Take a look our Draw Your Own Solution campaign page, advice how you can support your child’s resilience during COVID-19 and download the leaflet below to find out how to  support your child to build resilience.

Download our leaflet to find out more about resilience and how you can support your child.