The importance of using correct pronouns for gender identity

‘Respecting a child or young person’s request to change name and pronoun is a pivotal part of supporting and validating their identity’ (Mermaids UK – Trans-Inclusion School Toolkit; 2018).

You will find a short and informative PowerPoint presentation from the voices and experiences of young people in Kent, about the importance of understanding and using correct pronouns to ensure support for young people’s gender identity at the bottom of this page.

The below links provide further information on gender identity and inclusivity;

1) Mermaids Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit which provides information and guidance to schools and colleges on how to effectively support trans and gender questioning pupils and students, create safe, trans inclusive learning environments and prevent transphobia.

2) An article from about gender inclusive language, providing very basic pointers and replacement language to help avoid gender assumptions in language.

3) The LGBT Foundation offer information on how to be inclusive to individuals who identify as non-binary.

4) Stonewall give 10 ways to step up as an ally to non-binary people.

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