Locality Grant Funding and Priorities

Reconnect Funding

The Reconnect: Kent Children and Young People Programme had a budget of £10m. Providing an umbrella under which other funding streams are sheltered, to ensure these are coordinated to maximise their impact in support children and young people to reconnect with their pre-pandemic lives, and experience some of the opportunities missed during that period. Currently, £5.3m Holiday Activities and Food Programme
(HAF) funding shelters under the Reconnect umbrella, which has enabled it to be combined with other funding streams, such as summer school funding received by schools, to maximise impact and participation.
As a programme involving the whole community of Kent, Reconnect’s dedicated budget is just one aspect of the total resource supporting its aims and outcomes. The time of volunteers in community groups and clubs, the contributions of businesses and organisations, public donations, and the work of practitioners in the children’s workforce all add to the resource supporting children and young people at this time. Reconnect is also helping to secure funds from external bodies, such as the Arts Council.

Reconnect funding is not currently available to apply for. Visit Reconnect: Kent children and young people – Kent County Council to find out more about projects that have been supported through Reconnect funding and what is available for children, young people and families throughout the summer 2022.

Early Help Grants

Early Help Grants were available to support projects that met one or more of the Local Children’s Partnership Group priorities for children and young people.

These grants will be used to support each of the 12 districts in Kent, allowing local projects and services to be developed in a flexible and responsive way through a community based offer.

The aim of the grant fund was to support local priorities whilst encouraging creativity through projects and services that improve outcomes for children and young people.


Applicants must have been:

In 2021, you could have applied for between £500 and £15,000 from up to 4 of the 12 districts, and submitted multiple applications to each district, but no organisation would be awarded more than £15,000 per district.

Early Help Grants are awarded every year, to keep up to date with when applications open visit Early Help Grant – Kent County Council.


Reconnect Locality Grant Funding