Digital Kent’s Hardware Access Scheme

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many vital services have moved online and as we continue to manage and recover from the pandemic, many of these services continue to be delivered digitally.

Young people can be excluded from accessing services (including education, employment, and training). Access to digital hardware is one of the reasons for digital exclusion.

The COVID-19 Hardware Access Scheme has been established to supply individuals that meet the criteria ( with access to digital equipment (initially laptops).
The COVID-19 Hardware Access Scheme will ‘gift’ the device to the intended beneficiary, with no requirements to return the device.

The way in which a beneficiary can be supplied with a device through the COVID-19 Hardware Access Scheme is a referral from a professional. Beneficiaries cannot self refer.

This scheme is being funded by Kent County Council, through it’s Helping Hands Scheme under the Digital Inclusion & Capability funding stream.

Download the document below to see funding criteria and complete the referral form.

Contact Digital Kent
You can contact us by emailing or calling 03000 410 950. Further information can be found here:


Hardware Access Scheme Referral Guidance