Bereavement Support for Children and Young People

Below are local and national organisations offering guidance and resources to support children and young people who are grieving, as well as resources for schools:

  • Cruse Bereavement Care: information on how to help a child or young person who is grieving and how to understand the concept of loss in children and young people of different ages.
  • Hope Again: is the youth website of Cruse Bereavement Care, and is a safe place where young people can learn how to cope with grief and feel less alone.
  • Holding On Letting Go: are a Kent-based charity who help young people cope with the death of someone close to them.
  • Slide Away: a bereavement support service for young people in West Kent.
  • Winston’s Wish: support children or young people following the death of a parent or sibling, as well as information and guidance for schools who are supporting a bereaved pupil.
  • YoungMinds: advice and support for young people who are grieving. A young man is sitting on the floor with his back against a wall with his head in his hands
  • Childhood bereavement advice for teachers: guidance leaflet on the effects of bereavement on young people and how to help.
  • Grief, Loss and Crisis Support resources: brought to you by Kent Educational Psychology, this resource provides a wealth of information to support schools and the community at sensitive times.
  • Kent Educational Psychology Service: Crisis Support Service Coordinators support school/school staff to support a child who is dealing with a sad event (a family member or someone in the school being terminally ill) or a critical event (sudden death or accident).