Speak Out

SpeakOut@Headstart Kent allows young people involved with HeadStart Kent to come together to support the co-production of the programme.

Young people are given the opportunity to lead on aspects including the:

  • MoodSpark website development
  • Evaluation of aspects of the programme and Pay it Forward grant scheme
  • Participation of the recruitment and commissioning of the programme.

Staff regularly join the group to get feedback, share information and consult about the programme.  Attendees can include:

  • Evaluations Officer
  • Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Data Team
  • Senior Managers.

Regular district meetings with young people are available to support local co-production. Feedback from the meetings is then fed into our central SpeakOut@HeadStart group. Any young person attending the local groups can then have the opportunity to join our central group.


For more information on getting involved with Speakout@Headstart or for more information please email hannah.patton@kent.gov.uk .