Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward means doing something to help somebody else’s wellbeing, whether that be at school, at a club or at another community organisation.

The Pay It Forward scheme provides grants of between £250 and £1,000 for projects with young people aged 10 – 16.

The project should aim to improve the emotional health and wellbeing of other people, whether that be where young people live, at school, at a club or at another community organisation. This could include opportunities such as holding a community fun day, holding open days at clubs and activity centres, or even creating a community wildflower garden.

All project ideas are welcomed and are assessed on their potential to improve the wellbeing of others. Funding is also provided for groups looking to improve their own emotional wellbeing by running projects such as team building days.

Previous projects funded by Pay It Forward include community projects such as Christmas dinners, community ponds, hampers for the elderly and environmental projects. Schools have received funding to develop sensory gardens, safe spaces, transition projects and school clubs.

The original idea for the fund came from Kent’s young people. All applications are assessed by young people and will be looking for evidence of young people’s involvement with the application stage. This can include photos and any other supporting evidence.

Read our latest report to find out more about the Pay It Forward Grant and the impact it has on young people in Kent.

HeadStart Kent Pay It Forward Grant Scheme Report March 2022

Pay It Forward promotional poster and application tips