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At the Kent Resilience Hub we recognise that parent’s in need can be very resourceful and good at searching for tools and information in relation to helping support their children or those in their care. In March 2017 we surveyed 100 Kent parents asking them what they would like from a resource like this. Many of these respondents had children who were using services for emotional health needs. Parents were saying they wanted articles, recommended resources and guidance in how to support young people’s emotional growth and mental health needs. A trusted place that held resources on the key issues they were facing, such as friendship issues, anxiety, low mood and diagnosed conditions. They also wanted clear information on services and how to access them.

Many of the respondents had used resources and tools they had found either online or from other parent’s to help with emotional health or behaviour difficulties. This gave us an idea!

Let’s give parents the opportunity to share resources they have created or found useful.

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If you have found a good website, article, resource or technique that you have found useful in your search for improving your child or young persons’ emotional wellbeing, or your own parenting or wellbeing, please consider sharing it for the benefit of others. To submit a resource complete the form on this page. The team at the resilience hub will review your submission. If it meets the *quality criteria it will be posted on the website in the most relevant area. Resources can be approaches or tools you have created to improve family functioning or increase your child or young persons emotional wellbeing as well as those you have found.

*where medical advice or similar is included this will need to be reviewed by a relevant professional before being included in the interests of safeguarding.

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